The struggle of a judge

What is she going to do?

Emma Thompson stars in the stunning The Children Act as a high court judge. As if her career was not hard enough, she is called upon for a decision that can make lives better or literally destroys them. To make the action even more intriguing, there are certain aspects that she simply cannot do anything about. it is all about drama, interior fights and conflicts.

A film for teenagers or older

While quite complicated, the film is rated for teenagers and older people, but not for kids.

Top ratings and reviews

The Children Act has been welcomed with plenty of positive reviews and criticism.

The ultimate plot

The plot takes suspense and drama to a new level – nothing alike in similar films.

Life versus career

Life is full of drama anyway, but when the career kicks in, everything seems to change.

Explore The Children Act

Introducing the audience to the ultimate plot



  • Wow! This was my reaction once The Children Act was over. The trailer shows just enough to help you get an idea about the action, but once the film starts, everything changes. It might seem like a classic drama, but it is much more than that. I literally experienced all kinds of feelings at once, not knowing what to want from the outcome.
    John Mason
  • Emma Thompson has nailed it with The Children Act. It was a brilliant performance from one of the best actresses out there. I loved the film and came back to the theater three times to see it again. It is not the type of film you watch, but the kind of film you actually feel. It wakes feelings inside you up – a classic!
    Ann Atkins
  • At first, The Children Act looked like a classic drama – the type that makes it to theaters and goes out on DVD right away. What a terrible misconception! As the action unveils, the plot becomes hard to cope with. It is definitely the kind of film that will get you thinking about one thing or another, truly a masterpiece.
    Michael Pattington
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Smoking is not only harmful to the health of the smoker but it is also very unhealthy for the environment. The numbers of people getting addicted to smoking are increasing which is also having an effect on the environment. Cigarettes produce smoke and that smoke contains very harmful chemicals that create air pollution which not only affects the health of smoker but also affect the health of other human beings and animals. However, the vape liquids do not contain any harmful chemicals and so the smoke they produce don’t have any harmful effect on the environmental air and any other human being or animal.

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Smoking is very expensive than vaping. If you think about the social, health and environmental benefits of vaping then you also have to add one benefit which is its cost because vape liquids are available at cheap prices. When you calculate the cost invested in cigarettes in long-term, you will find that e-liquids are cheaper than the cigarettes. One refill runs a long time and you can just get a new refill to enjoy vaping.

You can vape anywhere

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