A new type of drama unveils

When life beats careers

A life changing act of kindness

Judge Fiona Maye decides to visit a child who cannot take a transfusion for religious reasons, only to help her make a better decision. What seems to be a basic professional visit turns out to be the experience of a lifetime for both parts. Fiona's life is seriously shaken, while the 17 years old boy experiences a new feeling – far from religion.

The prolific high court judge is inspired to make the right decision and this is when everyone's feelings are literally turned upside down. It is the kind of drama based on torturing your feelings to a brand new level.

All About Family

The Children Act follows multiple actions, but one point is common – the actual family.

Professional Life

What are the risks associated with a glowing career? The Children Act puts it all out.

Trust, Passion and Drama

The Children Act defines trust and people's love, which can beat pretty much anything.

Controversy and Religion

No one blames religion, yet it can often lead to various controversies – just like in this drama.

A Life Changing Experience

Moving in the right direction

Following Fiona's visit, Adam feels like his world is about to change. He associates this moment with a life changing experience. At some point, it becomes obvious that his family is not the most suitable thing in the world for the troubled teenager. He ends up sending beautiful poems and leaving voicemail messages begging for help and expressing his needy situation.

At some point, it feels like he offers himself for adoption while stalking the judge. On the other hand, the judge is already struggling with a marriage that seems to fail. The sad story seems to stumble then.

When Everything Changes

Changing Lives and Futures

The story gets an unusual turn when the high court judge ends up being stalked by the patient whose life she has to rule. The teenage cancer survivor acts in an unusual way, mostly because of his past. He is obviously unstable and develops an unexpected passion for the older woman. The unexpected outcome intrigues the audience, but also excites.

All in all, The Children Act goes in one direction and action changes a few times as it unveils. It is definitely an intriguing masterpiece that will make shock, intrigue, upset and excite you simultaneously.